Sunday, September 16, 2012

Drupal SAAS

DrupalNYC provides web hosting, development, and security allowing clients to make websites using a web web browser. It gives you advantages similar to software-as-a-service (SaaS) model but implemented on Enterprise CMS, the free drupal cms, which provides versatility to clients who are used to SaaS program. The new OpenSaaS foundation makes installation of application, and managing hosts repetitive, and allows the independence to trade the free Drupal websites at any time for webmasters.

DrupalNYC provides the following advantages including:

Powerful Drupal CMS abilities - Create powerful material mashups, photo and movie galleries, custom material, forms and surveys, and public web encounters.

Tools: Simple resources aimed to style pages and theme developing along with resources that provide complete history of CSS changes.

Social logins: Log-in to drupal websites via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other public networking websites.

Multimedia: Add movie, pictures, RSS items and article previews from over 200 sources, by just sticking a URL.

Dashboard: Access websites from just one dash panel powered by statistics tool.

Templates: Use guidelines such as information structure, page structure, material types, routing, tasks and authorizations.

Duplicate a site: Build a new website from a pre-defined design, or copy an existing website, with individual click.

Third celebration Integration: Include Javascript collections or connect and work together with third celebration information and statistics


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Wow great blog about Drupal New York.
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